Thank you!


Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who turned out to watch “Becky’s New Car” and support the first of many wonderful productions put on by True North Theatre.

Now that the show’s over, however, don’t tune out on this page. We’ll be starting a sort of “off-season” blog, will be doing a major website upgrade, and will be announcing our next show here.

Until then, please be sure to take a few seconds to check us out on Facebook, or comment and let us know¬†about your experiences and thoughts on “Becky’s New Car.”

Thanks again for supporting local arts!

Photo by Christopher Goetting of RCS Maine

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  1. I was so impressed with last night’s production of The Lion in Winter that I can’t stop talking about it! Every aspect of this play was so well done that I felt I had been transported back in time and was witnessing history. Casting and acting were superb, each and every actor embodied their character and gave a stunning performance. Costumes, set design and, of course, the venue all added up to a wonderful show. Thank you for a delightful and enchanting evening! I look forward to your next production this spring!

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